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Pasta w/ Salad

Your choice of lasagna, Manicotti, Cannelloni, Baked Ziti, Cheese Ravioli, or Spaghetti. Comes with Salad.


2 Slices

Comes with Salad and a Drink.


Penne Arrabiatta

Comes with a Drink.



Comes with Salad and a Drink.


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An emphasis on fresh ingredients and detailed attention to service and experience is what Mimi’s is paying careful attention to, ensuring customers a dining experience that will warrant many returned visits. See what our customers are saying about us and be sure to write your own review!

  •   zero stars i will never come to this place again the owner is prejudiced and the food is cold and disgusting food sits under a lamp all day the toppings are left out uncovered where i saw a rat they use no gloves when handling food so i asked for my money back the owner gets mad threw my money in my face infront of my kid and told me to get out nigger i wll be contacting bbb and the health inspectors asap!!!

    thumb James W.

      Fast and friendly take out service, decent prices and really good NY style pizza. Salads nothing to write home about.

    thumb Rick F.
  •   This place disappoints time and time again. As a semi frequent customer there is never any consistency with the taste, as well as the wait times for your order. The crust tastes like wet soggy cardboard and the quality of the cheese is very sub par for the pricing. I would and will go elsewhere to get pizza in the future.

    thumb Christian M.

      I'm afraid I will not be eating at Mimi's again. The food is very good and is not at issue. Today I went to lunch with an African-American colleague and for the third lunch in a row they've taken her money but never put her food in and she has to go back and ask for it...every...single...time. It might be possibly understandable if the restaurant was full but there were many empty tables. I will not be eating there again.

    thumb Joe S.
  •   I cannot say enough how much I love Mimi's.  The staff is exceptional and simply put... the best and most consistent pizza in Dallas.  We love it and are customers for life.

    thumb Len C.

      The pizza was really good but I got to my destination with the pizza and opened it, and it wasn't the pizza I ordered. I guess I should have checked it but it was boxed up and I didn't. I was disappointed with the wrong pizza.   It the taste was good. It was eaten despite the fact that it wasn't what I ordered.

    thumb Laura K.
  •   So tasty!  Pick up on my way home for my family and heats back up perfectly.  Love their red house Italian dressing, too.

    thumb nisha m.

      The pizza at Mimi's is amazing.  This place is worth giving a try.  I had the lunch pizza and salad.  The service and food were great.

    thumb Johnny C.
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