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Pasta w/ Salad

Your choice of lasagna, Manicotti, Cannelloni, Baked Ziti, Cheese Ravioli, or Spaghetti. Comes with Salad.


2 Slices

Comes with Salad and a Drink.


Penne Arrabiatta

Comes with a Drink.



Comes with Salad and a Drink.


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An emphasis on fresh ingredients and detailed attention to service and experience is what Mimi’s is paying careful attention to, ensuring customers a dining experience that will warrant many returned visits. See what our customers are saying about us and be sure to write your own review!

  •   Good pizza, fast! Good pasta dishes and salads are huge. Would give a five except for one thing which is tendency for the center of the large pizzas to be a little soggy.

    thumb Debra P.

      Mimi's is my favorite pizza in the area.

    We did a family taste test competition between Lovers and Mimi. It was tie, 2-2. I personally thought Mimi's had a slight edge but both pizza were excellent NY style pizzas for the Park Cities area.

    I find Lovers pizza to have a better crust than Mimi's. Mimi's is slightly cheezier and I prefer the taste by a hair. But the two pizzas are very close.

    It was a great pizza taste test. Everyone knows the rules....

    thumb Dan L.
  •   New Jersey transplant here, i still carry a 609 number. this place is legit

    thumb Josh B.

      I'm afraid I will not be eating at Mimi's again. The food is very good and is not at issue. Today I went to lunch with an African-American colleague and for the third lunch in a row they've taken her money but never put her food in and she has to go back and ask for it...every...single...time. It might be possibly understandable if the restaurant was full but there were many empty tables. I will not be eating there again.

    thumb Joe S.
  •   Terrible!! Food was over cooked! We waited while others were helped - and they came in after we did!

    thumb kim B.

      So tasty! Pick up on my way home for my family and heats back up perfectly. Love their red house Italian dressing, too.

    thumb nisha m.
  •   Great food selection and prices! Fast and friendly service. Recommend the carry, too.

    thumb Pete J.

      Mimi's has the best pizza I've ever had, and as a former New Yorker there's some weight to that statement! The staff members are very polite and get that food out quick! This is a quality New York style pizza establishment and a favorite of my family's! We all HIGHLY recommend!!!

    thumb Califa 4.
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